Helium Hire

Fancy hiring some helium?

Give us a ring and we can help you estimate how much you might need by asking a few questions.
You can then either:

Hire the tank for a minimum fee of £35.00.
This will allow you a percentage of the helium in the tank. If you use any more than the £35.00 allocation we will just charge accordingly. You could hire the whole tank at a price that we can't specify on the website as prices are always going up and down for helium. But just give us a ring and we will quote you the rate at the time of booking.

We do also offer a service for you to keep the tank on your premises and use it as and when you need it. We offer a delivery service too so that you can get on with your day... Just give us a ring when it's nearly empty and we will replace it. The picture details the specification of the number of balloons that can be filled from the tank depending on how big or small you inflate them.

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